WLD Token

WLD is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain network with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 deflationary and non-mintable tokens.


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Deposit: WLD

Earn: $$$$



Wildlife missions is an expedition company designed for wildlife encounters backed by blockchain technology. As people who love and respect nature and animals, we want to offer the possibility of living out an unforgettable experience that breaks all limits established by conventional tourism. The process of signing up for a trip is easy. Here’s how simple it is:


Explore trip options

Choose between rich green jungles in Costa Rica to pristine beaches in Sri Lanka. The landscapes are very diverse and simply beautiful. You’ll see tons of monkeys, sea turtles, and have the chance to swim with  humpback whales off the coast.


Buy WLD tokens

Backed by the blockchain, WLD has created an entire client reward system. Basically every purchase made from the WLD community gives you WLD tokens as a reward that can later be exchanged into other currencies or pay for more services from our company or strategic partners


Decide on a trip & travel

Purchase your mission with the WLD balance in your account, pack your bags & have the time of your life exploring untouched locations and interacting with wildlife in Costa Rica or Sri Lanka.


Earn $WLD$ from the staking pool

By staking your WLD token you will receive a percentage of the company sales. Profits are distributed in a proportional way to all the stakeholders in the pool. This way you are receiving part of the company earnings. 

Crypto Economy

We have created a client reward system where every purchase gives you WLD as a reward that can later be exchanged to other currencies or pay more services from our company or strategic partners

Ecosystem & Staking Pool

WLD will not only have a payment functionality, but also an option to store tokens in our staking pool will exist, the condition of storing them inside here is to pay an entry fee of 3% over the total amount of tokens stored and also when exit another 3%. From the total of fees charged to token holders during these transactions, a x% will be distributed in proportional way to all the previous holder who keep their tokens inside the pool, a x% will be stored in a wallet which only purpose will be charity and the remaining x% will be burned to create scarcity and a deflationary effect. 

WLD Distribution

By staking your token you will receive extra benefits and power over some aspects inside the company. The first of these benefits is that a percentage of the company sales will be destined to be distributed in proportional way to all the stakeholders in the pool. This way you are receiving part of the company earnings. 

Also stakeholders will have the right to vote over certain decisions inside the company. The voting benefits will be the following:

  • Voting power over of the charity funds earned 
  • Voting power to decide next wild experiences to include as our products


More voting benefits will be added during time.  

Be the first to find out about new missions and opportunities to give back!

Another goal of WLD is to donate to organizations whose aim is to protect wildlife, endangered species and the biodiversity of our planet. Sign up to receive updates on charity opportunities and how you can help.

What People Say About the Expeditions

“I don’t really write reviews, but I cannot write enough about how AMAZING this Costa Rica trip was. I have never traveled in such a group before, and was a bit apprehensive about the idea. But to summarize, this changed my life. ... The best part was watching just hatched baby sea turtles making their way to the ocean. Once in a lifetime experience. ... This is how I want all my vacations to be from now on.”
John Summers
Architect from NYC
“Our trip to Sri Lanka was amazing. The food, people and wildlife were the best parts. Our tour guide Gayan was incredibly helpful and knowledgable, he made it so that we could just focus on enjoying our time in the new country. We got to see elephants and leopards and went on multiple safaris where we saw wildlife that we have never seen before.”
Stephany Doering
Shop Owner from Florida
“I loved Costa Rica! We had a great group and our tour director was fantastic - very knowledgeable, charming, and patient. I'm glad this tour included locations to very different areas, but Tortuguero was the highlight for me - I loved the boat trips, the wildlife, and the resort with little bungalows in the jungle. ...”
Michael Arias
Production Manager from LA

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