Costa Rica

You don’t want to miss this expedition to Cocos Island happening in March or April 2022. Wildlife Missions has created a unique and limited expedition to take you to live out one of the best underwater experiences you have ever dreamed of. The expedition is filled with 10 days nautical experience full of dives led by a professional and specialized team. The best part is… you will be staying on the private boat while exploring this uninhabited island.

Price: $9,890

Island background

Isla del Coco (English: Cocos Island) is located in the Pacific Ocean about 300 miles off the west coast of Costa Rica, thus taking almost 36 hours to arrive. The entirety of Cocos Island has been designated a Costa Rican National Park since 1978 and because of the unique ecology of the island and its surrounding waters, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

The Most Beautiful Island

The Ecological Characteristics Of Cocos Make The Island A Unique Place In The Pacific. They Call It “The Most Beautiful Island In The World” And Its Considered One Of The 3 Best Places To Dive. So Its Admired By Scuba Divers For Being Some Of The Most Abundant Shark Waters In The World. Including Large Populations Of Whitetip Reef Shark, Hammerhead Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Whale Shark And Many Others Large Marine Animals As Humpback Whales , Orcas, Pilot Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins And Sea Lions.

It Is A Place Where All Kinds Of Encounters Are Possible!

Trip Itinerary & Requirements

Diving Level: This Expedition Requires An Advanced Diving Level, Since Diving With Nitrox Is Recommended Due To The Depth Of The Dives And The Ocean Currents.

Expedition Dates: To be confirmed soon, between March and April 2022 depending on the best conditions.

What’s included: 1 hotel night upon arrival in San Jose and transfer from the hotel to expedition departure. 10 days on board with full-board accommodation and all diving and activities on the boat. Diving tanks and weights and daily Port and park fees and evacuation insurance.

The price does not include flights, visas and other immigration procedures. Rental diving equipment and neither the Nitrox update. Does not include the tip for the crew (optional).


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What People Say About the Expeditions

“I don’t really write reviews, but I cannot write enough about how AMAZING this Costa Rica trip was. I have never traveled in such a group before, and was a bit apprehensive about the idea. But to summarize, this changed my life. ... The best part was watching just hatched baby sea turtles making their way to the ocean. Once in a lifetime experience. ... This is how I want all my vacations to be from now on.”
John Summers
Architect from NYC
“Our trip to Sri Lanka was amazing. The food, people and wildlife were the best parts. Our tour guide Gayan was incredibly helpful and knowledgable, he made it so that we could just focus on enjoying our time in the new country. We got to see elephants and leopards and went on multiple safaris where we saw wildlife that we have never seen before.”
Stephany Doering
Shop Owner from Florida
“I loved Costa Rica! We had a great group and our boat crew was fantastic - very knowledgeable, charming, and patient. I'm glad this tour included locations to very different areas, but the diving was the highlight for me - I loved the boat trips, the wildlife, and the resort with little bungalows in the jungle. ...”
Michael Arias
Production Manager from LA

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