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We’re living in a society where sometimes we are not able to see anything beyond our phones or computer screens. Submitted by our stressful jobs and routines, we forget the wonderful wildlife that we have on our planet. Beyond the screens, there are vast oceans and jungles full of incredible animals; Whales, Sharks, Gorillas, Bears… and on our missions we allow the everyday person to get out and experience something life changing.

But that’s not all, unfortunately according to data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, there are currently some 5,200 species in danger of extinction, representing 25% of mammals and amphibians, 34% of fish, 20% of reptiles and 11% of birds. 

If we want to continue to enjoy the world and it’s incredible offerings for the foreseeable future, we must change some of our behaviors as humans. We believe that our adventures and missions can help to create awareness around the grand responsibility that we have in conserving the earth’s environment. 

Who we are?

Wildlife missions is an expedition company designed for wildlife encounters.

As people who love and respect nature and animals, we want to offer the possibility of living out an unforgettable experience that breaks all limits established by conventional tourism. The core Wildlife Missions difference is that after every purchase a portion of your payment is entered into our staking pool which allows you to receive profits automatically and recurringly for every sale made from all the missions sold.  Welcome to the WLD Community. Let’s all reap the benefits together!

We want to make you leave your comfort zone and enjoy our expeditions in the most inhospitable corners of the planet, connecting you in a unique way to nature. Simply put, we want you to remember and recall that moment of adrenaline that took your breath away. 


For our customers to live an experience that changes their perspectives on life and nature. Packaged with the transparency, governance, and value that only a blockchain product can offer.


Become leaders on sea and land expeditions, attracting people from all over the world and getting them to support wildlife conservation in a fun way. Sharing our values and helping to conserve and protect nature over the next generation.


Meet lvet. Our founder.

My name is Ivet Lopez, co-founder of Wildlife Missions. I’ve been in Dubai since 2019, with more than 6 years of experience in hospitality, working as a concierge and events manager in companies with the highest levels of standards. Along with my partners, who are renowned in the Blockchain space and the Crypto world, we have built a professional team to carry out this project with energy, vigor, and discipline.

This is a short synopsis of how WLD all came about. It was March of 2021 and I wasn’t going through one of the best times of my life. The pandemic had been wreaking psychological havoc on the vast majority of us during this whole time and it really affected me. Suddenly and without warning the world changed, and in my case it meant the loss of my job. It forcibly moved me to another country and sadly a while later a relationship breakup happened. 

Although there have been worse stories these past 2 years, I feel lucky that I didn’t have any health problems, but the honest truth is that many things were worrying me that ended up causing me severe anxiety.

I needed a mental break, to disconnect in order to reconnect with myself. And like magic, I got an opportunity to travel to Mexico. 

During that trip I did things like parasailing from the top of a mountain, scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean, taking time to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen in my life and many more life changing experiences… things that led me to two realizations.

The first realization was that nature has an infinite beauty that never stops surprising me, and that allowed me to connect with her during those days, it had healed me. 

And the second realization came to me in the form of a question:

-Are we always aware of how important nature is for healing ourselves? 

-Are each of us doing enough to care for and conserve nature?

So in this way Wildlife Missions was born. Our expeditions are made so that you can connect in a unique way with nature and so that you can observe the biggest and coolest species in the animal kingdom. Get immersed in the natural world. I now realize that we need a change now. I would like you to invite you onto a mission. Would you do me the pleasure of joining me?

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Another goal of WLD is to donate to organizations whose aim is to protect wildlife, endangered species and the biodiversity of our planet. Sign up to receive updates on charity opportunities and how you can help.

What People Say About the Expeditions

“I don’t really write reviews, but I cannot write enough about how AMAZING this Costa Rica trip was. I have never traveled in such a group before, and was a bit apprehensive about the idea. But to summarize, this changed my life. ... The best part was watching just hatched baby sea turtles making their way to the ocean. Once in a lifetime experience. ... This is how I want all my vacations to be from now on.”
John Summers
Architect from NYC
“Our trip to Sri Lanka was amazing. The food, people and wildlife were the best parts. Our tour guide Gayan was incredibly helpful and knowledgable, he made it so that we could just focus on enjoying our time in the new country. We got to see elephants and leopards and went on multiple safaris where we saw wildlife that we have never seen before.”
Stephany Doering
Shop Owner from Florida
“I loved Costa Rica! We had a great group and our tour director was fantastic - very knowledgeable, charming, and patient. I'm glad this tour included locations to very different areas, but Tortuguero was the highlight for me - I loved the boat trips, the wildlife, and the resort with little bungalows in the jungle. ...”
Michael Arias
Production Manager from LA

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